The Greengenes Database Downloads

Below are links and descriptions for the data files released by The Greengenes Database Consortium. FTP access is available for bulk and direct link downloads from the official Greengenes mirror.

Note: The links below are set to expire in 180 seconds (3 minutes). After this time links are no longer valid and the page must be refreshed.

It was discovered that this gg_12_8 release has an issue with the OTUs assignments. Specifically, the OTUs tar.gz with the MD5 of:


are based off of the ssu-mask'd sequences, not the full reads. The result is that the OTU structure is likely not actually 99%. This issue could affect the topology and taxonomy of Greengenes. However, a comparison between the 12_8 release and the previous release showed the taxonomy to be highly consistent so, while this release is flawed, it is not necessarily wrong.

The necessary steps are being recomputed right now and an updated release will be posted, likely as 12_8_1.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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